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January 1829 - August 1831
Camden Town and wharf; University of London and King's College; Edward Irving.
July 1833 - October 1834
Camden Town and the City; extended visits to Ramsgate, Kent and to Paris.
October 1834 - April 1835
Camden Town and the City; W T Copeland's election as MP for Coleraine.
June 1842 - March 1843
Camden Town; railways; asylums for women and proposals for legislation on prostitution.
April 1843 - February 1844
Camden Town; more on prostitution; visit to Repton in Derbyshire.
February 1844 - April 1845
Move from Camden Town to Fulham; Putney; Abney Park Cemetery Company and fraud.
April 1845 - November 1845
Fulham and Putney; visit to Fakenham, Norfolk.
January 1848 - October 1848
Fulham; Isaac Watts memorial at Abney Park Cemetery; break up of Copeland and Garrett; visit to Rottingdean, Sussex; Chartism.
October 1848 - December 1848
Fulham; the continuing financial crisis for Copeland.
January 1829 - December 1848
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