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Diary entry for 8 November 1842:
...Mr Bencroft of Melbourn Cottage by Crescent Place. The latter and I walked together to opposite the Blackwall Railway. I proceeded per ibid after waiting some time in consequence of one of the ropes having been obliged to be cut - on arrival at Blackwall I again waited to past 10 for a Woolwich Steam boat past 11 arrived at Woolwich. Started thence took a new road after passing the Windmill on Plumstead Common - i.e. new to me - lanes meadow plowed fields through a cherry orchard into Wickham Lane by which I saved about 1 mile. Arrived at James Marys 12 . Both pretty well especially James. Dined long chat. Have determined to give notice at Xmas to leave their present house neighbourhood at Midsummer think of Gravesend.
Afternoon. Took coffee left by 5 coach at about 5 . Rode to the Green Man for 1 time thence to Greenwich Railway just in time for 7 oc 1. train. On to entrance of Leadenhall St met omnibus home 8 .
WIlliam Copeland Astbury (Camden Town) 8th October 2012 @ 12:50pm

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